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dw_scans's Journal

Doctor Who Scans
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This is a place for me (me being sarah531) to share my increasingly large collection of Doctor Who scans. Make graphics with them, print them out and hang them on your wall, do whatever you please.

A few quick notes:
-Don't join the comm, just friend it. Only I can post here, assuming I haven't messed something up while creating it.

-Credit isn't really necessary, if you're making icons with the scans- it's nice, but I won't bite your head off if you don't. Scanning doesn't take that long, after all. If someone asks where the pictures came from, though, a point in this direction would be appreciated.

-I shall mostly try and scan in images not often seen before, as opposed to the ones everyone's seen a hundred times.

-Feel free to comment: comments are love.

p.s. There are lots of other locations to find huge image collections in: Doctor Who Image Archive and Tragical History Tour to name but two.

I believe that's it. Enjoy. :D